Test Benches

Test Benches


Do you need a test bench that can meet all your needs in your facility? We design and manufacture customized test benches for your systems to meet all your needs.

To support manufacturers and suppliers, we work together step-by-step through the design phase, throughout the development process, and through to delivery and installation.

No matter how complex your systems, take advantage of our endless test bench configurations that provide advanced functionality.


Simulating real-life conditions of components can be difficult when testing mechatronic systems for vehicle dynamics applications such as braking and steering. In such cases, electric motors or mechanical loads are used for the correct operation of the sensors and actuators. Raagen Test Benches are designed so that complex systems can run 24/7/365 non-stop.


Raagen Test Benches are used in many industries such as Automotive, Aviation, Aerospace, Railway, Defense and White Goods.


Standard Features of Raagen Test Benches:

- Compliance with environmental tests with integrated climate chambers

- Scalable from a single component to a complete system

- Open automotive plant models

- Superior real-time working ability

- Flexible application and add/remove components capabilities

- Turnkey test benches for a wide variety of applications


Some of the Test Benches we produce:

  • Steering Test Benches
  • Brake Test Benches
  • Engine Test Benches
  • Test Bench with hydraulic pulsations and fluxing
  • Test Benches for motor vehicle suspensions
  • Environmental Chambers
  • Test Benches for linear and rotary systems
  • Test Benches for electromechanical actuators
  • Common Rail Injector Test Benches


We provide 100% customer satisfaction thanks to our test benches designed with low maintenance costs, reliable, meticulous and easy-to-use principles.

We use the best automation technologies to implement millions of cycles at extreme high and extremely low temperatures.

Contact us now to take advantage of the Raagen Group's specially designed test benches from the simplest to the most complex projects.


Steering Test Benches

Steering Test BenchesBenefit from our precision and extraordinarily powerful steering test

Brake Test Benches

Brake Test BenchesBrake Test Benches designed by Raagen Group to be

Common Rail Injector Test Benches

Common Rail Injector Test BenchesIncrease efficiency and precision in production by

Motion Platform Test Benches

Motion Platform Test BenchesWith Raagen Motion Platform Test Benches, designed with