Actuator Repair & Service

Actuator Repair & Service


Within the Raagen Group, we meticulously carry out the maintenance, repair and renewal of the hydraulic actuators of all kinds of test devices.

We examine all components of all your worn/used actuators and determine their final condition. Then, we decide together with you which parts will be processed, and we perform the renewal processes expertly.

To meet new standards, your actuator's performance is upgraded to perform better than the original after refurbishment.

Refurbished actuators are tested above maximum pressure and reinstalled at your facility after they are confirmed to work properly.


Our actuator maintenance and renewal services include:

  • Disassembly of the actuator and evaluation of all parts,
  • Chroming of piston rods,
  • Repair of bearings and pistons,
  • Repair of worn/leaking actuators,
  • Coating of bearings,
  • Replacement of all gaskets,
  • Honing and reconditioning of the barrel,
  • Control and centering of the piston magnetic position measurement sensor,
  • Capacity and stroke increase in line with user requests,
  • Hydraulic accumulator is charged if necessary,
  • Testing all parts at the required pressures,
  • Upgrade the actuator to biaxial, triaxial or multi-axial systems if desired.


We renew your old actuator by meeting the specification and quality level set by you!

Other components such as servo valves, solid pipes, hoses, gaskets, and accumulators are checked and redesigned by our experienced engineers. After that, new ones are produced in our facility or supplied to comply with our strict protocols according to your request.

All the actuators we maintain have 1 year warranty as standard. However, if you wish, you can extend the warranty period for a small fee.

Contact us now to take advantage of the actuator maintenance and renewal services of the Raagen Group, to ask your questions or to request a quote.


Some of the companies that we maintain and repair:

Haenchen Actuators Repair                    MTS Actuators Repair                           Bird Johnson Actuators Repair

Anchor-Holt Actuators Repair                Pegasus Actuators Repair                    Instron Actuators Repair

Denison Actuators Repair                      Sheffer Actuators Repair                       Miller Actuators Repair

M.B. Actuators Repair                             T.J. Vickers Actuators Repair               Ortman Actuators Repair

Interlaken Actuators Repair                    Moog Actuators Repair                         Parker Actuators Repair

Team Actuators Repair                           Racine Actuators Repair                        Shore Western Actuators Repair

Vickers Actuators Repair                       Bosch/Rexroth Actuators Repair           Rotac Actuators Repair